About the Rosebery Centre

The Rosebery Centre is a specialist centre in Livingston that provides day care facilities and support for people with dementia and their families.

The Centre was established in 1985 and provides social interaction within a stimulating and safe environment to members (attendees) from a wide catchment area, including Livingston, Broxburn, Uphall, Pumpherston, East Calder, Mid Calder, and West Calder. We cater for 45 people each week, 15 each day over three days.

People with dementia are referred for day care and other forms of support by CPNs; social work teams in Livingston, Bathgate and Broxburn; local primary health care teams; voluntary organisations; and West Park Day Hospital.

We continually strive to reach ‘the gold standard’ for dementia support services through our day-to-day practice in the Centre, carer support, staff and volunteer training, a multidisciplinary approach, and our involvement in research into dementia.

What do we do at the specialist dementia day care centre

Our main objective is to facilitate social interaction and stimulation for the person with dementia in a homely, domestic environment and to provide carer support and assistance.

The daily programme at the Rosebery Centre is activity-led and focuses on the individual needs of the members.

At the end of each day, Centre staff and volunteers write a review for each person attending, which includes information about their memory, concentration, participation, interaction, and appetite. This report is passed on to carers and offers a means of reality orientation at home. We ensure that there is a continuous assessment of member’s and carer’s needs.

We organise Carer’s Support Groups designed to be informative and supportive. We also provide support to carers on an individual basis involving the provision of information, counselling sessions or practical support. It is sometimes possible for the Centre to provide a sitter service to allow carers respite.

We offer a bereavement support service following the death of a member.

Who delivers specialist dementia services at the Rosebery Centre?

The Centre is staffed by a Manager and an Assistant Manager/Activities Leader who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre.

Our annually elected Management Committee is made up of people who have an interest in dementia either through personal experience as a carer or professional expertise. If you have an interest in dementia care and would like to join our committee (meetings are only 6 times a year and there is no fundraising required), please give Anne a call at 01506 870 651.

Each day there is a team of trained volunteers who work with clients on a one-to-one basis to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience at the Centre.

The Centre works closely with both health care and social work agencies.

The Centre meets the Care Inspectorate Standards of Care and is subject to inspection of its service by the Inspectorate. We currently hold excellent grades in this regard.


Main funding is received from West Lothian Council but only provides for essential services. It does not allow for expansion programmes, outreach and important training of volunteers and staff to enhance the quality of care provided to clients and carers.

The Rosebery Centre is the only one of its kind in West Lothian.


Enhancing Quality of Life: The Benefits of Day Centres for Dementia Care

Over the years, there has been a steady reduction in government funding for social care. This often results in the closure of local day care centres and families left without the support needed.

The Rosebery Centre offers a safe and stimulating environment for those with dementia. We’re committed to supporting those in Livingston, The Calders, Broxburn, Uphall, and Pumpherston. In fact, we’re the only centre of the kind in this area.

Social interactions in a homely environment

Being part of a group of friends is a fulfilling experience. Yet, it can be challenging to maintain, particularly as one grows older. The Rosebery Centre cultivates an environment that fosters socialisation and meaningful relationships. The approach comes down to a deep respect for the dignity of every individual served.

Increasing confidence in care

Day care centres often serve as the first step for those seeking social care services. They offer support that caters to the unique needs of clients but aren’t as intensive.

The stigmatisation of dementia can be detrimental to the lives of our clients and carers. However, after visiting our day centre, families are encouraged. They’re happier to seek help and support for their loved ones.

This earlier intervention means the move to more intensive services can be put off for longer.

Stimulating and supportive activities

The schedule at Rosebery revolves around activities that cater to individual members’ requirements. We incorporate quizzes, music, memory games, and arts and crafts that facilitate reminiscence. Singing yesteryear’s songs and discussing past experiences strengthens the group’s bond.

Besides being fun, arts and crafts have a host of benefits. Not only do they exercise motor skills and coordination but stimulate the brain.

Maintaining independence at home

As we advance in years, our physical health tends to deteriorate at a faster pace. Accepting and acknowledging the impact of this decline can be hard. This is where we lend a hand. We support older individuals, ensuring they remain independent for as long as possible.

Visits to day centres can establish a routine. Thus, making daily tasks more manageable. Meeting new people and forming friendships creates a sense of belonging and safety.

Respite and lifting the lunch burden

Providing snacks and lunch means that carers can enjoy a break from cooking. Every member gets a record of the activities and a detailed menu for the day to take home with them.

Caregivers grapple with their own challenges while supporting the person with dementia. This alleviates some of the burden they face.

Combatting social isolation by being a friend

In later life, one may feel a sense of isolation and disconnection from others. It’s a widespread but challenging circumstance.

Our befriending service aims to combat social isolation by integrating individuals into the community. We encourage them to take part in social activities or hobbies, while offering companionship and conversation.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01506 870 651 or roseberycentre@outlook.com.

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Rosebery Centre
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