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1. “How long do I have?” Answer: No one can tell you accurately. All of your conditions will get worse but you can also die from other causes.
Comment: “Well I’ll just enjoy life in-between!”
2. “Can I still drive?” Answer: Not always. Contact DVLA and they will decide. Try to become used to public transport if you are able to use this. Apply for a taxi card.
3. “Will I still be able to handle money?” Answer: Not always. Try to get your affairs in order with someone you can trust. There are special arrangements that can be made to help you.
4. “Keep a sense of humour.”
5. “Be positive.” You might not do things as well as you could in the past but you can still do them.
6. “Don’t give up on life.”
7. “Try to cope by yourself while you can -but don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
8. “Learn more about the illness and how to live with it.”
9. “Act normally.”
10. “We are travelling from an old life to a new. If you can get the help and support you need, you can make the journey brighter and less frightening. Remember you do not travel alone!”

11. “When things get me down –
• I go for a walk
• I have a blether
• I eat a bar of chocolate
• I look at photographs
12. “I enjoy the present!”
13. “I write things down in diaries, calendars, white boards and post-it notes. I make a list of things to do.”
14. “I have a special phone with contact photographs keyed in.”
15. “I give myself time to do things.”
16. “I have made new friends through my illness.”
17. “Don’t look at yesterday – you can’t go back!”
18. “Life does change – but I can still learn new things.”
19. “I don’t waste a minute – my time is precious!”
20. “Am I the same person? No, I’m a better person! I appreciate things more and make dementia part of my life – but not the major par. There’s a world out there for me still to enjoy!!”

“I have dementia and the Rosebery Centre helps me understand my illness.”

– Member

“The Rosebery Centre is better than a Gin & Tonic!”

– Volunteer

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Rosebery Centre
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